Intel May Join Blockchain Research Endeavor

Reports that Intel may be positioning to being research on the implication of blockchain technology has whirled thanks to a job posting listed by the company. Intel is looking for an applicant with a Doctorate or Master’s in Computer Science and Computer Engineering to “investigate hardware and software capabilities that advance the performance, robustness, and scalability of open, decentralised ledgers.”

Digital currencies like Bitcoin have captured the imagination of the press…Its fundamental technical innovation is the decentralized transaction ledger called the ‘block-chain’…Such a distributed, public, secure, peer-to-peer transaction record enables not just the exchange of bitcoins but many secondary uses that the research and startup community are exploring such as digital marketplaces,” said the Intel Job ad.

Intel’s hinting at an entrance into blockchain research follows reports of IBM doing the same. Reuters released an exclusive early last week that mapped out IBM’s interest in developing an open ledger based cash transaction system. IBM’s proposal would essentially be a bitcoin payments system that replaces bitcoin with a fiat currency. IBM has reportedly been in informal discussions with the U.S. Federal Reserve on the uses of such a system.

The Special Innovation Projects group within Intel Labs is looking for a researcher to investigate hardware and software capabilities that advance the performance, robustness, and scalability of open, decentralized ledger.”

While the Intel job announcement has none of the details as IBM supposed plan, the company definitely has bitcoin and the blockchain on its radar.


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