In a Credit Card Rut? Ask Your Issuer for Help

According to, 90 percent of cardholders were able to have their late payment fees waved simply by asking. Furthermore, 66 percent of those who asked for the late fees to be waived were also approved. Analysts report being surprised by the high success rate, confirming,

It’s probably the best time in years to ask credit card issuers for a break.”

However, while the success rates are positive, the percentage of cardholders taking advantage of these opportunities is low- only 28 percent of cardholders have asked for a late fee to be waived, and only 23 percent have asked for a lower interest rate. Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst at says,

I don’t think [people] realize how good of a chance they have at being successful. It’s as simple as that.”

The report further shows that older people are more likely to that their requests approved, as well as those from wealthier households. Thus, industry experts advise people, if you’re in a rut, ask for help. It is more than likely your credit card issuer will help you work it out.


Read more here- “Lower Credit Card Interest Rate, Waived Fees: Key is Just Asking,” (Chicago Tribune)

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