iMacs for Less, Apple Continues its Focus on Price Reduction

Apple announces the launch of its new iMac for the price of $1099, featuring a new Intel chip. However, this new product aims more to price please than impress with features. The product is 1.3 gigahertz slower than the $1,299 model.

Apple’s new $1,099 iMac doesn’t quite reach those all-time-low levels for the company’s all-in-one desktop lineup. But it does continue a trend of more affordable Macs that thus far has represented Apple’s approach for selling new Macs in 2014.

Sources say Apple’s hand may have been forced to produce the cheaper iMac rather than the much anticipated high-resolution model, because their partner, Intel, who produces the chips, did not deliver the required software.

While this delay of the “Broadwell” chip may put a hold on Apple’s plans to upgrade, consumers can enjoy the prospect of an iMac for less.

Read more here- “With Dearth of Major Chip Upgrades from Intel, Apple opts for Cheaper Macs in 2014,” (Neil Hughes, AppleInsider)

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