IHOb – International House of Bad (Marketing)

The artist formerly known as the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) recently unveiled a temporary name change to promote its burgers, which presumably few consumers knew they actually sold. If you had already found IHOP’s apparent answer to In-N-Out’s secret menu, you’re a few steps ahead of most customers.

On June 4, 2018, IHOP Tweeted out this gem:

This post left the Twitterverse to speculate exactly what the “b” at the end of their iconic logo stood for. IHO(?) probably wasn’t expecting Twitterers to come up with actual good ideas for the rebrand, such as International House of bacon, brunch, breakfast, biscuits, etc. 27 percent of people voting in the Twitter poll that thought the “b” stood for barnacles, which might indicate that the restaurant chain will soon branch out into seafood. Turns out, the answer we were looking for is “burgers.”

In addition to IHO(P/b)’s Twitter followers, quite a few fellow brands weighed in. Wendy’s, a social media insult comic fav, tweeted:

It must be said, though, that if IHOP was intending to get attention for its marketing stunt, the company certainly succeeded. Time will tell whether it was the kind of attention it actually wanted.

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