IBM Opens NYC Facility for Blockchain Development

Tech giant IBM is expanding its ambitions in blockchain innovation with the opening of a new “Bluemix Garage” in New York City.

IBM’s Bluemix Garages serve as workshopping destinations for the company’s technology consulting services, where professionals of various specialties can come together to build on IBM’s cloud platform, Bluemix. The New York City location is just one of many in IBM’s growing worldwide network, with other locations in San Francisco, London, Toronto, Nice, Singapore, and Tokyo. Blockchain development is a part of IBM’s long-term interests and this new facility gives developers a collaborative environment to improve the firm’s financial technology software and blockchain capabilities. The venue is located in the SoHo offices of Galvanize, a company dedicated to increasing education in the tech industry.

At the New York City location, developers will focus on enhancing IBM’s cloud services to capitalize on industry-wide interest in blockchain. The company believes that an effective blockchain network can eliminate economic resistance that stunts business growth, and aims to offer Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) to make lines of code available for developer innovation. Bluemix Garages have already produced successful results in the blockchain arena, as employees at IBM’s Tokyo location recently created a digital currency-based blockchain settlement system. In the wake of success, the firm has reportedly been adding about 20,000 developers per week to its Bluemix platform.

IBM Vice President of Blockchain and Cloud Jerry Cuomo believes that the firm’s New York location will succeed due to the availability of a full spectrum of tools that will permit developers to work quickly and collaboratively in a creative atmosphere. The firm’s methods have previously proven effective, as Bluemix has become one of the largest open, public cloud platforms in the world. IBM plans to use this cloud technology to operate an open-source blockchain development model, meaning that all coders – including those not employed by a specific company – can contribute to the progress of the company’s improving blockchain tech.


Read more here- “IBM Opens New Bluemix Garage in New York,” (Finextra)






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