IBM Highlights Benefits of Blockchain in New Ad

Football fans of the Texas A&M Aggies and the Arkansas Razorbacks saw some solid blocking on Saturday when the two SEC teams combined for 511 rushing yards. However, those were not the only “blocks” to take the stage. Tech savvy viewers were also treated to a commercial mentioning Blockchain technology, a sure sign that the fintech system (that was established as the protocol underpinning bitcoin) is creeping into the mainstream.

The passing mention came during IBM’s “The Cloud for You” commercial, which aired late in the game. This particular ad highlights the distributed ledger technology’s potential use for tracking supply chains, such as those in food production. Hopefully, consumers will get more Blockchain to go along with their weekend dose of blocking and tackling in the future.

Here’s the ad, for those that missed it.

Other groups have seen the potential applications of Blockchain technology for food safety and supply chain management, including Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and retailer Walmart.

Image Credit: IBM News Room Image Gallery

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