Hydrogen Car Makes Its Way to the US

Hyundai debuted its Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle, the Hyundai Tuscon Fuel Cell CUV, in Southern California on Monday. This signals the first time that Hydrogen powered vehicles have been commercially available in the US. The Tuscon Fuel Cell CUV offers a zero emission ride, with the car producing only water vapor. Beyond being extremely environmentally friendly, the vehicle also boasts impressive driving stats. According to PCMag:

 Hyundai said that the car has a driving range of about 265 miles, which apparently takes less than 10 minutes to refuel. When driving in the city, the car saves energy with a start/stop mode, which turns off the fuel-cell stack and uses battery power instead. When braking, the battery also charges the motor.

While the vehicle is only currently available in Southern California, its introduction into US markets signals growth in the popularity of alternative energy vehicles. Though still bound to SoCal due to the availability of charging stations, many expect the popularity of the Tuscon Fuel Cell CUV to grow with the push for more car charging stations around the country. Therefore, though it is still very early in its acceptance into the hands of US drivers, technologies such as the Tuscon Fuel Cell Cuv offer consumers the ability to make more choices regarding energy efficient transportation.

Read More- “Hyundai’s Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car Arrives in the U.S.” (Rexly Penaflorida II, PCMag)

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