HoweyCoin wins Consumers’ Research ICO Endorsement


If You See An Investment Offer Like This, It Might Be a Scam – HoweyCoins Are Completely Fake!

Learn about the HoweyCoin project launched by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) here:

What a Potential “Endorsement” Might Look Like

After having completed a thorough analysis, we are pleased to announce our recommendation of the HoweyCoin. Whether you’re saving up for retirement, college tuition, or just looking for a way to fund your first Lamborghini, this ICO offers the ultimate balance of security and profitability. It’s with great certainty that we urge our readers to invest, and the official white paper can be read here.

HoweyCoins, affectionally known as HCs around our office, combine the latest advances in blockchain technology while partnering with all segments of the travel industry. HCs are officially registered with the U.S. government and will even trade on SEC-compliant exchanges. Regarded as one of the safest cryptocurrencies known to man, Consumers’ Research proudly rates HoweyCoins a 9.3 out of 10 for investment— the highest score we’ve ever internally assigned to an ICO.

We’re so confident in HCs that we’ve even taken advantage of HC’s acceptance of any major credit card. We may have nearly maxed out of company and some of our personal credit cards and couldn’t be more confident in our decision— we’re literally putting everything on the line.

HCs partners provide an anticipated daily return of over 1 percent. The average registered value over a two-month period was an incredible 72 percent, all while serving as a guaranteed hedge against inflation and market loss.  If one’s lucky enough to invest on the Tier 1 level, one can expect double 2 percent daily returns on all pre-ICO secured purchases.

HCs are exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies, cash, and can even be spent with participating hotels or airlines. On top of that, HCs can even be redeemed for merchandise. What’s a better way to commemorate HC’s official ICO than proudly wearing your limited-edition tee?

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