How to Tell if that Used Apple Product Was Stolen

Apple has introduced an online tool which will allow consumers looking to purchase a used Apple product to tell if the device has been locked down by its previous owner- an indication that the product was stolen or lost. Available via the iCloud website, the users can input the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) or serial number to see the Activation Lock status. The feature is a part of the Find My Phone App, which, when turned on, allows the owner to lock his or her device which can then only be unlocked by entering the correct Apple ID and password.

The new Apple software guards against hackers who could break through the Find My Phone protection using an alternative iCloud server by checking the IMEI/Serial Number against Apple’s Activation Lock  Database.

Data indicates that the launch of the iOS7 and Activation Lock in September 2013 saw a significant decrease in thefts in the San Francisco area in the first 6 months. New York City also experienced a decline of such incidents, with thefts dropping by 19 percent.

These innovations suggest the security innovation by Apple have a significant impact on the protection of private property.


Read more here- “It that Used iPad Stolen? Apple Creates Tool for Would-Be Buyers to Check,” (Lucian Constantin, PCWorld)

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