Housing Market Remains Stagnant

The Washington Post reporting on data from Freddie Mac points out that housing markets in only 10 states are considered stable as of March of this year. This does not appear to be a promising sign for those wishing to buy or sell a home this summer.

According to the Washington Post:

The 10 states on stable ground as of March are North Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, Alaska, Montana, Hawaii, West Virginia, Texas, Vermont and South Dakota. Three [of the] four stable metro housing markets — San Antonio, Austin and Houston — are in Texas. The fourth is New Orleans. Washington, D.C., is also in its long-term stable range.

Though Freddie Mac concludes that the overall housing market still remains weak, they do report some good news. According to data there are 13 states and 20 metro areas which have had positive housing trends over a three month period. This can be seen as reassuring to consumers as it suggests that though stagnant, the housing market does not appear to be getting worse.

Read the Original Article- “Just 10 states have a ‘stable’ housing market, report finds” (Niraj Choksi, Washington Post)

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