Honda Brings Autonomous Technology to its 2016 Base Sedan

Further embracing the advancement of autonomous driving technology, Honda Motor Company is bringing advanced driving assist systems (ADAS) to its base-level 2016 Civic LX sedan. By offering this sophisticated technology, called Honda Sensing, affordably and accessibly to the general public, Honda has aggressively affirmed the inevitably of the autonomous revolution of the industry.

Honda Sensing aims to reduce accidents resulting from human error and distraction. The package includes lane departure warning, a lane keeping assist system, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, forward collision, and a collision mitigation braking system. By releasing this technology on its entry-level Civic sedan, Honda has taken a step further than competitors, such as Mazda, Toyota, and Volkswagen, that have begun to offer ADAS on upper-level vehicles. Honda’s embrace of this semi-autonomous technology, along with that of Tesla, GM, and other automotive manufacturers, marks a clear trend in the industry towards more advanced and pervasive driverless technology.

In addition to automotive companies, Washington has increased its focus on autonomous technology that could greatly mitigate accidents and save lives. In January, the Obama administration proposed to spend $4 billion over the next ten years to promote the advancement of autonomous-automotive technology and to develop regulations for driverless vehicles. According to the Wall Street Journal, “traffic fatalities jumped unexpectedly in 2015, up 9% during the first nine months of the year compared with the same period a year earlier.” Lawmakers are recognizing the greater need for this technology.

The widespread implementation of these semi-autonomous features is an important step towards fully automated driving for the general consumer. Though this technology presents questions for regulators and insurers, it is clearly the way of the not too distant future.

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Jake Steele is a sophomore at Georgetown University studying finance and management. During his time at Consumers’ Research, he has examined developing trends in finance and technology.


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