Hacking Team Produced Tracker for Bitcoin Transactions

Among the revelations included in leaked documents from Italian malware firm Hacking Team is that the company had created a tool for governments to hack computers and monitor cryptocurrency transactions on those devices. The firm produced three versions of the spyware capable of cracking Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows systems. Once users gained access, they would be able to steal files, capture sound through the microphone, monitor geographic movements, and track activity on infected devices.

Capabilities provided by the software also included a tracking mechanism for cryptocurrency transactions, including bitcoin and litecoin, among other virtual currencies. Files exposed in the data breach indicated that Hacking Team had provided services to the F.B.I., Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Department of Defense. Precisely what services were provided to the agencies remains unclear at this point. However, both the F.B.I. and D.E.A. have sought means to better trace bitcoin transactions in order to catch criminals using the currencies for money laundering and other illicit activities.


Read more here – “Leak Reveals Hacking Team Created Bitcoin Wallet Tracker,” (Stan Higgins, CoinDesk).

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