GoPro Issues Recall for Karma Drone

On November 8, GoPro announced a recall of the Karma, an $800 drone, due to its tendency to lose power without warning and fall from the sky. GoPro sold approximately 2,500 units since October 23, all of which suffer from the defect.

GoPro is offering a full refund for drones whether they are sent back to the company or returned where they were purchased. GoPro has not specified when the Karma will return to store shelves, nor have they offered working drones in exchange for defective products.

As shown in the video above, the power fails, causing the drone to tumble to the ground. GoPro claims that there has not been any property or personal damage as a result of these power failures.

For full information on the recall, go to GoPro’s official page here:

Copyright for image: mimacz / 123RF Stock Photo

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