Google Fiber May Expand to East Coast

Google has fueled speculation about upcoming announcements slated for release in North Carolina. The tech giant will be hosting an event later this week with invitations given to media and officials from the cities of Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte. It is expected that the company will announce that the two North Carolina cities will be the first East Coast cities to receive the Google Fiber platform.

The project was established by Google a year ago with these cities, along with a short list of seven other cities, announced as potential expansion posts for the service. Google Fiber, currently available in Austin, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, and Provo, Utah, is Google’s high speed internet that promises to bring consumers internet services that are 100 times faster than basic broadband. Google advertises that with Fiber consumers will be able to download an HD movie in just 7 seconds. Pricing in areas with established Google Fiber connection start at $70/ month for their gigabyte service.

While Google has declined to comment on the nature of their upcoming events


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