Google Ditches Confusing Text CAPTCHAs

You’ll remember Google’s CAPTCHAs as the box of barely legible squiggle letters and number which are meant to keep computers out while allowing humans through. The confusing scribbles are now on their way out thanks to Google’s system update. Instead, Google will be replacing the chicken scratch with a check box next to clearly written text saying “I’m not a robot.”

The system change follows research done by Google which shows that a computer can fool the old CAPTCHA systems with 99.8 percent accuracy. The new program guesses if the user is human or not by tracking the user’s actions as he, she or it views a webpage. Computers have tells that let Google’s algorithms differentiate them from humans. Programs are able to monitor actions like how often or in what pattern mouse cursors move around the screen to separate between humans and computers.

Google is able to determine that a user is human with these techniques most of the time but if the algorithms fail, then the user simply clicks the box marked “I’m not a robot” and they pass through to their site. WordPress, Snapchat, and Humble Bundle are currently using the new system for detecting computer users. The new CAPTCHA allows users to access their content without the headache while keeping robots out more efficiently.

“In the last week more than 60% of WordPress traffic and more than 80% of Humble Bundle’s traffic has encountered the NoCAPTCHA experience,” wrote Vinjay Shet, project manager for Google’s new CAPTCHA project.


Read More – Just Tell Google You’re Not A Robot (Elizabeth Weise, USAToday)

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