Google Daydream VR User’s Guide

About Google Daydream

The Google Daydream virtual reality device is a wearable headset that pairs with a smartphone, and currently compatible devices include Google’s new Pixel as well as three different Motorola products. The Google Daydream can be used with a myriad of apps, some free and some that cost several dollars. These apps include: Google Streetview, Netflix, YouTube, a long list of games, as well as various news sites.

The Google Daydream headset is designed to fit over most eyeglasses and also comes with a small controller, which can be used to perform a variety of actions in the virtual world enabled by the headset – such as swinging a bat or steering a vehicle. The Google Daydream is available in a slate gray color in a washable lightweight fabric material (with two additional colors coming later this year). The Google Daydream retails for $79, and is available from the Google Store. That price does not include a smartphone with which to pair the Google Daydream. Users who pre-ordered the Pixel smartphone received a Google Daydream headset with their phone.

How to Set Up and Use Google Daydream

To begin, open the Daydream app on your unlocked Google Pixel phone, then place the phone into the front flap of the Google Daydream. Once the phone is securely in place, fold the flap back down towards the headset then secure it with the small loop. The Google Daydream headset is then placed over the user’s head and held on with the strap – adjust it so it is comfortable and the view is clear. The Google Daydream features a headphone jack and a volume knob for sound adjustment. If your smartphone does not detect your remote controller, then you may need to turn off and reactivate Bluetooth, restart your phone, and/or un-pair and re-pair the controller from your phone’s Bluetooth.

Product Reviews

Engadget: 85/100

The Verge: 8.3/10

Digital Trends: 7/10

CNET: 3/5 out of 5 stars

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