Get a Job This Summer!- Teenage Employment Figures Highest in 8 Years

Teenagers might have an easier time getting off the couch this summer, that is if they are motivated enough to do so. Recent data suggests that this past May saw the largest gain in teen employment over the past 8 years.  This helps gives teens the opportunity for summer employment. According to Bloomberg:

‘There’s pent-up demand in the economy for the teen worker,’ said Rick Cobb, executive vice president at employment consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. in Chicago. Though teen hiring increased in May, he said June through mid-July will give the full picture.

Sixteen-to 19-year-olds last month gained the most jobs for May since 2006, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data not adjusted for seasonal fluctuations. The group added 217,000 jobs, compared with 215,000 the prior year.

While the gain suggests early strength in the summer job market, the uptick in May hiring last year gave way to a subpar June and July. The total number of teens who landed summer work dropped by 3 percent from 2012, based on a Challenger, Gray & Christmas analysis.

Cobb said he expects hiring this year to be in line with 2013 levels. Last year, teens gained about 1.36 million summer jobs, up from 960,000 in 2010, based on the analysis.

As is discussed, the true figures for teen employment must factor in the upcoming data from the months of June and July. Yet, it appears that the trends are moving in the right direction as experts feel that the numbers will be in line with levels seen last year.

This upsurge in employment is beneficial for teenagers across the country. Many experts agree that getting a job in one’s teenage years helps to bolster one’s connections and resume, both of which can be beneficial for the future. Therefore, the fact that it appears to be easier for teens to get a job this summer is a good thing for the economy as well as American society as a whole.

Read More- “Summer Job Outlook Sunnier for Teens as U.S. Market Mends” (Jeanna Smialek, Bloomberg)

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