GeniCan: The “Smart” Garbage Can

GeniCan was one of the more practical innovations to come out of CES 2017 this year. GeniCan is a scanner that clips onto the side of your trash can that adds whatever items are thrown away to your shopping list if their barcodes are scanned. For example, if a consumer finishes a carton of milk and disposes of it in the trash, all they would need to do is simply scan the barcode as they go to throw the carton out, and the GeniCan would automatically add it to a shopping list. For fruits and vegetables, the scanner has a built-in voice recognizer and will automatically add which and how many of those that you might need.

Finally, GeniCan also has the ability to remotely place orders with Amazon based on the list, automatically generating, billing, and placing the order. This little piece of technology, while priced at a not-so-modest $149, has the potential to save consumers on trips to the store and of the hassle of creating a comprehensive grocery list, particularly when there are multiple people in the house. The idea of not having to go out and pay for gas, sit in long lines at the store, load and unload groceries, and create a shopping list that will ensure you won’t have to make any return trips to the store can be quite time consuming, and this may be where GeniCan has its greatest value.

Some of the technology unveiled at CES may be a bit out-of-the-box, but GeniCan is something that could be immediately applicable and potentially very convenient. While it does, to a large extent, rely on the ability of whoever is using it to consciously scan the item being thrown away, GeniCan may be one of the first steps in the expansion of consumer convenience technology.

Read more about GeniCan at their website.

Read more about CES 2017 here: “The Wackiest, weirdest gadgets of CES 2017” (CNET).

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