FridgeCam May Make Your Kitchen Smarter

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association’s conference features innovative gadgets from fitness apps to smart scales. This year, British-based company Smarter unveiled the FridgeCam, a small wireless fridge camera that grants users the ability to peek inside their fridge, without actually opening it. The circular camera would stick on the inner door of the refrigerator and monitor the food inside through a companion app. The device can notify consumers of the foods that are about to expire. Other features include tracking the products in the fridge and adding them to a shopping list when they are running low; alerting users when the fridge temperature is out of the ideal range; sending reminders of items needed when the user is near a convenience store, and providing recipes that include products nearing their expiration.

Smarter has been in the gadget-making business since 2013, and the FridgeCam is one of the most interesting products launched by the company. The camera received plenty of endorsement in Europe and is set to deliver big things in 2017.
It is available in white color and is essentially a white plastic circle with a lens in the middle.

The product can be useful to remind consumers of what is already in the fridge when they are out grocery shopping. The camera would not stream a live footage to confirm the fridge light would, in fact, turn off, when the door is closed. Instead, it would snap a picture, each time the door is opened. Thus, the user would be able to view the most recent picture and see what they are running low on, while at the grocery store.

An average American household wastes approximately $2,000 of food every year. The product enables consumers to become more aware and knowledgeable in the kitchen by allowing them to access the products inside the fridge, while they are away from home. According to Christian Lane, CEO and founder of Smarter,“being notified of expiring food, replenishment services and recipe suggestions based on what you have in the fridge are all ground-breaking features that will change the lifestyle of users.” The company launched this product not only to save consumers time, money and energy but also tackle food waste. Hence, the product could be away to address the global food waste crisis.

In addition to the FridgeCam, the company has also launched two new kitchen gadgets: Smarter Mats and Smarter Detect. Smarter Mats can figure out how much food is left in the pantry and also comes with a companion app. Detect us a wireless wall-mounted hub for the kitchen, that listens to everyday noises and learns when and what to notify the user. For instance, the device would notify the user if the refrigerator door is still open or when the dishwasher stops running.

It no longer takes several thousands of dollars worth of connected appliances to smarten up a kitchen. The gadget is available online for about $150. Although the price is steep, it can help consumers save a substantial amount of money, otherwise wasted on redundant purchases.

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