Financial Stress is Hurting You

Monday might be the worst day of the work week. Beaten only by taxes and traffic, it’s safe to say that Mondays are pretty tough, but some Mondays are just plain rotten. Lehman Brothers had an especially miserable one on September 15, 2008, when their business collapsed – spurring the U.S. financial crisis.

Ten years later, the effects of the crisis still linger, lurking in the shadows. How can something that supposedly ended in 2009 still be hurting you now?

On a serious note: financial maladies are stressing you out. According to one recent study, the Great Recession has put you at a higher risk of having significant health concerns. Thankfully, there are a few ways to reduce this stress:

  • Build strong, healthy relationships
  • Walk away from tense environments or situations
  • Exercise
  • Rest

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, it may be beneficial to make an appointment with a psychiatrist or licensed mental health professional so you can learn how to best manage your stress.

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