Fidget Spinners: What’s the Big Deal?

Fidget spinners have made quite the impact since they became publicly available. While some teachers are up in arms about what they consider a major classroom distraction, even adults have become enthralled by the popular toy originally marketed towards children. There are countless videos online showcasing fidget spinners, ranging from owners teasing their pets with the toy and others showing off new tricks that they can do. While this writer previously had no experience with fidget spinners, after having the opportunity to give one a go, I now see what all the fuss is about.

Even though the toy is simple in design, spinning the wheel was quite entertaining. Turning the wheel has a relaxing effect, but it can also become distracting after a while. The action of turning the device around and feeling the air rush past your hand was also an enjoyable experience. I can see how it has such a potent ability to distract for hours on end. After all, the simplest ideas usually are the best.

Along with regular fidget spinners, there are some models with intricate designs and others that glow with LED Lights. Along with a multitude of designs, there are plenty of tricks one can do with them. Fidget spinner tricks have become a viral sensation on online, and there is a multitude of videos featuring creators showcasing their spinners and what they can do with them.

Ironically enough, while teachers are complaining that their students are paying more attention to their fidget spinner instead of the lesson, some are advertising these toys as a way for people to enhance their attention span. Specifically, they are designed to help children who have ADD or ADHD concentrate, as the toy is supposed to stimulate the brain when one becomes bored.

Simple, yet entertaining, it is no surprise that the fidget spinner has become the massive hit that it is. How long this sensation will last is anyone’s guess, but it will likely be around for a good while longer. If you’re looking for something small, fun, and that can keep you busy, a fidget spinner may be just what you need. Go online, look up some tricks or some unusual designs, and you’ll be able to entertain yourself for a good amount of time.

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