Fidelity Investments Creating Virtual Reality Stock Viewer

Fidelity Investors looks to diversify their consumer base by reaching out into immersive stock viewing technology. The company plans to launch a 3D virtual city that correlates to the stock portfolio of users. Skyscrapers grow and shrink with stock prices to fill a virtual landscape in which the weather patterns correlate to market strength, rain for a downturn and sunny for solid markets. The virtual world is meant to operate on the virtual reality headset device Oculus Rift which has yet to hit the mass market.

If you want to deliver a great customer experience, you have to be in the same kinds of environments where they are,” says Seth Brooks, Fidelity Labs’ director of product management.

Fidelity is hoping that the new project will bring in younger customers and it’s not the first company to try it. Wells Fargo launched a banking game called Stagecoach Island that never quite caught on and the US government is looking into developing a mobile app for the purpose of educating young people on financial matters. Fidelity Investments has made itself comfortable in a digital world from the early days of the technological age. Fidelity was one of the first financial institutions with a webpage and an iPhone app. The company has developed apps for Google Glass and other wearable tech, so their new endeavor is in vein with Fidelity’s commitment to the cutting edge of the tech industry.


Read More – It’s Like Wall Street, But On Oculus Drift (Mashable, Associated Press)

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