FCC Vote to Repeal Net Neutrality Rules Will Return Innovation to the Internet

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Net Neutrality Repeal Promises to Return Era of “Light Touch” Regulation

Today, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai announced that on December 14, the FCC would vote to repeal the rules classifying Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as public utilities. Since the Obama-era ruling came into effect, broadband investment has contracted and innovation has slowed, which harms consumers.

Kyle Burgess, Consumers’ Research’s Executive Director, released the following statement on Pai’s action:

“Consumers’ Research applauds Chairman Pai’s efforts to roll back the application of Title II regulation to ISPs, re-enabling thriving marketplaces and unfettered communication. The FCC’s previous action, declaring ISPs as utilities using the Ma Bell era Title II regulations, was an overtly political move to address a problem that did not exist. The open Internet flourished under light-touch regulation without strict government oversight.”

Washington, D.C., November 21 – Consumers’ Research, founded in 1929, is the nation’s oldest consumer organization that seeks to increase the knowledge and understanding of issues, policies, products, and services of concern to consumers. For more information, visit: https://consumersresearch.org/ and follow Consumers’ Research on Twitter at @ConsumersFirst.

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