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Facebook, coming to a city near you

Facebook is expanding its empire from the digital realm to Macy’s department store floors.

The tech giant is utilizing “The Market @ Macy’s,” a section of the retail company’s stores that displays “a variety of up-and-coming and established brands,” to sell the products of companies who use Facebook and Instagram to advertise online.

Facebook “pop-up” displays will appear at Macy’s stores in New York, Atlanta, Pittsburg, Fort Lauderdale, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. They’ll only be there through the holiday season though and will scurry away as fast as St. Nick in early February.

Holiday shopping for good causes

While you won’t be able to like, comment on, or share these products in-store, you can spend your hard-earned cash to show support for the 100 featured brands, some of which support good causes.

Two Blind Brothers, a clothing design company, uses some of its revenue to fund blindness research. But since the company is based entirely online, it has difficulty showcasing its extremely soft clothing products.

“For Bryan and [me], touch is such an important sense and why softness is a hallmark of our brand,” said Bradford Manning, co-founder of Two Blind Brothers. “For Two Blind Brothers and the majority of businesses participating, the experience will allow consumers to experience our brands and quality in a physical store for the first time ever.”

Another brand, Love Your Melon, makes beanie hats and donates half of its profits to pediatric cancer charities.

Let’s not be uncivil on/at Facebook

You may think of Facebook as the place to like cute dog pictures or have heated political arguments (with no shortage of propaganda). Hopefully people won’t use Facebook’s store installations the way they sometimes use its social media platform.


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