Facebook Announces ‘Secret Crush’ Feature

Facebook wants to know its users deepest, darkest secrets.

At its annual F8 conference in late April, Facebook announced a new feature coming to its dating service. 

The Secret Crush feature allows users of Facebook Dating, a matchmaking app the company launched last year, to make a crush list of up to nine Facebook friends. The crushes are then notified that someone has a crush on them, and if there’s a mutual crush, Facebook will set up the match.


Facebook Dating told TechCrunch that the Secret Crush feature is meant to alleviate the fear of rejection that comes with pouring out your heart to an unrequited love. Critics, however, are wary of giving Facebook more access to private information, especially matters of the heart.

“I would rather walk up to each and every crush I have at this very moment and pour my heart out than rely on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network to do it for me,” said Mashable reporter Nicole Gallucci.

Tough Crowd

Zuckerberg attempted to make light of his company’s recent troubles with user privacy during his keynote speech at the F8 conference. His audience was apparently not amused.  

“[Facebook doesn’t] exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now, to put it lightly,” Mark Zuckerberg said jokingly to a silent F8 audience

One Twitter user commented that Facebook needs to “master the security of the site as it is before venturing into adding matchmaker to its portfolio.”

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