ExxonMobil Joins MIT Energy Initiative For the Future of Energy

ExxonMobil joins the MIT Energy Initiative as a founding member. The Initiative was launched with a ceremony at MIT with the purpose of establishing a collaborative exploration of the future of energy. MIT President Rafael Reif lauded the inclusion of ExxonMobil in the endeavor as important to its success. President of ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, TJ Wojnar, Jr. expressed the need for researchers and energy producers to work together to meet energy demand and produce efficient and responsible energy solutions.

“The MIT Energy Initiative is a great example of a university-industry collaboration that is searching for technological solutions to the world’s current and future energy challenges. Access to reliable and abundant sources of energy is and will continue to be essential for societal progress,” said Wojnar

The Energy Initiative will allow ExxonMobil and MIT to work on projects such as researching ways to proliferate renewable energy sources and developing more efficient techniques for exploiting conventional fuels. The Initiative will also establish 10 graduate fellowship positions at MIT each year. Graduate students will have the opportunity to study with the operating costs of their studies covered by the fellowship program. The Initiative has been designed to progress every aspect of energy development including supply, demand, security, and environmental impact. It hopes to bring together interdisciplinary techniques with the help of the government, charities and businesses to develop the future of energy.


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