Experts Remain Confident in Vaccines Despite Covid Mutation

Despite the first known case of the latest coronavirus variant in Colorado found on Dec. 29, experts remain optimistic about the vaccine’s efficacy against the newest variant. 

A man in his 20s tested positive for the variant with results confirmed by the Colorado State Laboratory on Dec. 29 and remains in isolation southeast of Denver, as reported by the Associated Press. 

A statement released by Colorado governor Jared Polis said that the state was the first in the country to verify the variant through analyzing other testing samples. 

“The fact that Colorado has detected this variant first in the nation is a testament to the sophistication of Colorado’s response and the talent of CDPHE’s scientist and lab operations,” said the state’s Public Health and Environment Department director Jill Hunsaker Ryan. “We are currently using all the tools available to protect public health and mitigate the spread of the variant.” 

While the latest variant is up to 70% more transmissible, according to health experts, studies have yet to prove that the new variant is more deadly

Manufacturers of the coronavirus vaccine and leading health experts remain optimistic about the vaccine’s efficacy against the latest variant. 

Early in December, vaccine manufacturer Moderna said that its vaccine was “equally effective” against several other variants that have emerged while also committing to conducting more tests in the coming weeks. 

“While we plan to run tests to confirm the activity of the vaccine against any strain, the broad range of potential neutralizing antibodies made possible by the Moderna COVID 19 vaccine provide confidence that our vaccine will also be effective at inducing neutralizing antibodies against them,” added Moderna, further in the statement. 

Dr. Ugur Sahin, the lead scientist behind the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, remains confident about the vaccine’s efficacy against the latest strain. 

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