Exchange More Than Words: Bank Tests Voice Command Payments with Google Home

British mobile banking provider Starling Bank has released a video demonstrating how it has integrated its payment interface with Google Home: an in-home smart device that competes with Amazon’s Echo. The video outlines how customers will be able to issue voice commands to Google Home’s personal assistant, named Google Assistant, in order to check account balance and spending history as well as make person-to-person payments. The bank has stated that while the feature is not available to its customers currently, it is making the incorporation of new technologies to ease use a priority going forward.

Google itself appears to be increasing its focus on fintech and is looking to expand its digital payments capabilities this year. The tech giant has announced that it will introduce a payments feature for Allo, Google’s Pixel smartphone, and Andriod Wear through Google Assistant.

Starling’s efforts in expanding the scope of digital payments highlight current trends in the industry, as more banks have developed voice recognition options for payments. Capital One has previously explored applications for the Echo, and Apple uses Siri, its voice recognition program, for mobile banking apps such as Monzo. If properly secured, the proliferation of voice recognition services for banking transactions promises an easy and speedier way for consumers to make payments and monitor their accounts.

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