EpiPen Competitor Declares Intent to Enter Market in 2017

On Wednesday, October 26, Kaleo Pharma announced that its compact epinephrine autoinjector would return to the U.S. market sometime in 2017. Kaleo, the original creator of the Auvi-Q, to the device in February of this year from Sanofi, which formerly owned the marketing rights and recalled the product in response to reports of potentially inaccurate dosage in 2015. While not disclosing a price for the device, Kaleo stated they would work to ensure that “all patients regardless of insurance coverage, have affordable access to Auvi-Q.” According to Kaleo, the production process is now fully automated and has 100 quality control points to ensure its effectiveness.

Auvi-Q will be a direct competitor to the EpiPen, which saw price increases since current owner Mylan acquired the rights. These price increases, and Mylan’s virtual monopoly on these injectors, caught the attention of many, including lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

To read more about Auvi-Q, go to https://www.kaleopharma.com/kaleo-announces-2017-u-s-return-of-auvi-q-epinephrine-injection-usp-auto-injector-for-life-threatening-allergic-reactions/ to read Kaleo’s full statement.

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