EPA Proposes Road Tests for Gas Mileage Claims

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced a proposal that will require auto makers to now submit road tests to verify the mileage claims for their vehicles. This is due to a recent string of false advertising in the gas mileage of various automobiles. These numbers were based on lab and wind-tunnel tests, not on actual road tests. Hence, the EPA has decided that road tests will give better data to consumers. According to The Wall Street Journal:

All car makers run fuel economy tests in real-world driving, but the type of real-world test the EPA is looking for is different. They want companies to measure air-resistance and rolling friction on a test track and not just a computer model. These data can dramatically affect fuel economy, particularly in very efficient vehicles like hybrids, which is what happened to Ford on its incorrect labeling.

This proposal will hopefully help to ensure that consumers are receiving accurate data when buying a car. As gas mileage can play an important role in determining whether or not to purchase a certain vehicle, it is important that consumers are given the most accurate information possible. Therefore if the road tests prove to be more accurate, this proposal has the potential to be beneficial for future consumers.

Read More- “EPA Asks Car Makers to Road Test Fuel-Economy Claims” (Mike Ramsey, The Wall Street Journal)

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