Energizer Bunny Goes Green

In 1996 the U.S. passed a law that phased out the use of mercury in batteries in response to high environmental concerns. Alkaline batteries soon replaced mercury ones, limiting chemical concern but still ended up in the trash and then in landfills. Energizer, one of the nation’s largest battery makers, wants to solve the problem of battery waste and have introduced Energizer EcoAdvanced, the first disposable AA and AAA alkaline batteries made from recycled batteries.

Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Atkinson says,

Industry experts long believed it was impossible to create a battery made with recycled batteries while maintaining performance… Our scientists welcome a challenge and have spent the past seven years creating just that — Energizer EcoAdvanced — our highest performing alkaline battery.”

Industry experts say there is distinct consumer demand for ways to reduce waste and the battery industry has been faced with declined alkaline battery sales in the last few years due to an increase in the amount of products that use rechargeable batteries and other power sources.

Currently, the new batteries will be comprised of four percent recycled materials, but are expected to advanced to eventually include 40 percent by 2025. The company estimates the eco-friendly batteries will contribute to seven percent fewer gases that trap heat in the atmosphere than other disposable gases.


Read more here- “Energizer Debuts Recycled AA and Triple AAA Batteries,” (The Associated Press, The Washington Post)

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