Duke Energy Will Build Large-Scale Battery Based Energy Storage System

The largest utility owner in the United States, Duke Energy Corp., has announced that it has agreed to build an energy storage system that relies on battery power to more efficiently provide electricity to Ohio consumers. The 2-megawatt battery system will be developed in cooperation with LG Chem and Greensmith Energy Management Systems, and housed at the site of a now-shuttered coal plant in New Richmond.

PJM Interconnection will use this and another, previously established 2-megawatt storage system to help manage the electricity grid. The batteries will absorb excess electricity for later use rather than allowing it to go to waste, which will make volatile renewable energy sources more efficient.

Phil Grigsby, Duke Energy’s vice president of commercial transmission, said in a statement that the system

can instantaneously absorb excess energy from the grid or release energy… Delivering that power in seconds as opposed to a power plant that could take 10 minutes or more to ramp up, in the unique value the battery system provides.

LG Chem will supply the operating system and batteries for the project, while Greensmith will provide grid-integration services and software.


Read more here – “Duke to Build Energy-Storage System at Shuttered Ohio Coal Plant,” (Justin Doom, Bloomberg).

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