Dr Pepper Latest Company to Face Shortage

Dr Pepper announced it is joining the list of companies facing shortages amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement released on Twitter, Dr Pepper said, “having trouble finding your favorite Dr Pepper product? We’re doing everything we can to get it back into your hands. That means working with our distribution partners to keep shelves stocked nationwide, while ensuring the safety of our employees. We appreciate your patience, and encourage you to contact your local retailer directly for the most up-to-date availability of Dr Pepper products.”

The company noted that the shortage applies to all its Dr Pepper products ranging from its classic Dr Pepper flavor to the newest addition to the Dr Pepper brand the Dr Pepper Cream Soda. The immediate Dr Pepper lineup consists of 11 different soda flavors, all stemming from the classic flavor.

The tweet from Dr Pepper was met with 1.2 thousand retweets and comments and 2.2 thousand likes from Dr Pepper drinkers. The responses were filled with love and support for the company’s products, with a few disappointed drinkers expressing concerns about Dr Pepper withdrawals.

The pandemic has led to a shortage of essential goods such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant, and the list of products continues to grow.

Coins are among the products that are difficult to find currently. According to the Federal Reserve, the coronavirus has slowed the natural flow of coins through the economy, leading businesses to ask consumers to pay in exact change or card.

In May, meat shortages were a concern for Americans. John Tyson, Chairman of the Board at Tyson Foods, garnered mass media attention when he told Americans the supply chain on meat products was breaking because of the pandemic.

Seemingly the most impactful shortage for Dr Pepper is the short supply of aluminum cans. With people drinking at home, the demand for cans has increased over kegs. Paired with an overall surge in drinking, companies have struggled to meet the needs for canned beverages.

Dr Pepper has not confirmed that the aluminum can shortage is driving the lack of sodas on the shelf. Perhaps the can shortage is playing no role, and Dr Pepper enthusiasts, who believe the drink to be the best on the market, have driven demand too high.

The pandemic has raised many concerns about the supply chain and producers’ ability to meet demands and safety regulations. With hardcore soda drinkers’ drink of choice in short supply, consumers have every right to be worried.

Photo: www.drpepper.com/en/virtualbackgrounds

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