DOJ Indicts Six VW Employees

The U.S. Department of Justice announced January 11 that it would indict six high-level Volkswagen employees on charges relating to the company’s long-running diesel emissions scandal.

The employees are a combination of those who were involved in engine development and who were on the company’s management board, Jalopnik reported. One of the employees, Oliver Schmidt, was arrested on January 9.

In a press release, Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated:

Volkswagen’s attempts to dodge emissions standards and import falsely certified vehicles into the country represent an egregious violation of our nation’s environmental, consumer protection and financial laws. Today’s actions reflect the Justice Department’s steadfast commitment to defending consumers, protecting our environment and our financial system and holding individuals and companies accountable for corporate wrongdoing. In the days ahead, we will continue to examine Volkswagen’s attempts to mislead consumers and deceive the government. And we will continue to pursue the individuals responsible for orchestrating this damaging conspiracy.

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