Does Tesla Want More Competitors?

Famous entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that he plans to make what he referred to as “fairly controversial” changes regarding the patents of Tesla. Though he did not expand on what these changes will be, the USA Today speculates that Musk will decide to purposefully release patented technology to the public. The speculation is that this will be done in order to spur growth and competition in the electric car market.

This decision could have a very interesting impact on consumers. If Tesla does in fact decide to release patented information, this could be the spark that is needed to cause other automobile manufacturers to expand their own fleet of electric vehicles.  This has the potential to lead to more competition in the market place, which in turn could produce a larger number of higher quality electric vehicles. This would allow consumers who wish to purchase an electric car more choice of what they want in a vehicle. However, their also remains the possibility that an increased supply of electric cars will exceed the market demand, as consumers could continue to prefer traditional gas powered vehicles. Regardless, if Musk does in fact release the information it has the potential to have large impacts across the US, especially for the consumer.

Read The Original Article Here- “Elon Musk hints at surprise move on Tesla patents” (Chris Woodyard, USA Today)

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