DISH Announces Sling TV- Another Alternative for Cable-Adverse Millennials

On Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Dish Network announced its new web-based service which includes popular programs such as ESPN, TBS and TNT for $20 a month- a fraction of what cable companies currently offer with no contractual attachments. The announcement is yet another nail in the coffin for cable companies which increasingly face a shrinking pack of subscribers as innovators offer more and more ways for viewers to avoid the high monthly costs.

Sling TV offers access to approximately 200 international channels, and allows the viewers to watch the channels from multiple devices including iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, LG and Samsung smart TVs, and more. Sling TV also plans to offer a built-in movie-rental service, as well as the option to purchase “add-ons” such as a “Kids Extra” which includes Disney Junion, Disney XD, Boomerang, Baby TV and Duck TV.

The new service is one of the many alternatives offered as an alternative to pricey cable and satellite subscriptions. Roger Lynch, CEO and developer of Sling TV LLC, said in a statement to PCWorld’s Michael Brown,

We believe the market [for OTT TV] is millennials. They’re not choosing pay-TV at the same rate as the generations before them. We recognize they have alternatives. We wanted to come up with something that swat in the white space between pirating and traditional pay TV.”

Other options available to cable-adverse consumers include Hulu, Netflix and Amazon services.


Read more here- “At CES, Dish Network Announces Web-Based TV Offering That Includes ESPN,” (Emily Steel, The New York Times)

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