Digital Driver’s License Has Prospects in Delaware

A resolution passed by the Delaware State Senate has directed the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles to research the feasibility of digital driving licenses. Delaware is the second state, after Iowa, looking into developing the concept. Both Iowa and Delaware are serviced by MorphoTrust USA, a company which produces driving licenses for 40 states. For the past two years, MorphoTrust USA has been working on an app which would operate the digital licenses and a pilot program for the service is scheduled to run in Iowa next year.

“Smartphones are becoming more and more a digital wallet. Eventually, the last piece of plastic I need to carry around with me is a driver’s license,” said Jenny Openshaw MorphoTrust USA’s Vice President of state and local sales.

As the project gets underway, developers must consider concerns of security, practicality and privacy. The app would require facial or voice recognition or a fingerprint scan in addition to a personalized access code in order to allow access to a license. In addition to prevent unauthorized access to digital driving licenses, MorphoTrust is working on making digital licences less susceptible to forgery. Delaware has no plans of doing away with plastic cards, instead the state envisions digital licenses an extra convenience.


Read More – Delaware Eyes Digital Driver’s Licenses (The News Journal, Melissa Nann Burke)

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