Detergent Pods Linked to Higher Rates of Poisoning Among Children

Multi-color laundry detergent pods became popular in the market approximately 2 years ago as the latest innovation to improve convenience in the home. However, reports indicate that in the last two years accidental poisonings from the packets have put over 700 American children in the hospital, likely due to confusing the laundry detergent for toys of candy. Effects include mouth, throat and eye burns as well as coma and seizures in more serious cases.

The majority of children effected were under the age of 6 and were not harmed in the long term. However, 144 children had eye injuries, 30 went into comas and 12 had seizures. , A few cases resulted in death, highlighting the need for safer packaging. Some companies have already taken action to make detergent pods safer for children, which the study suggests has successfully reduced calls to poison control centers for the specific product.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports 111,000 calls in 2012 involving young children and cleaning products, of which detergent packets accounted for six percent. However, experts at the center say the new concentrated packets seem to have more serious effects than the regular detergent.

The American Cleaning Institute issued a statement in March encouraging manufacturers to use labels that specifically list safe handling information. The Consumer Product Safety Commission urges parents to store the pods out of reach and sight of children.


Read more here- “Hundreds of Kids Harmed by Detergent ‘Pods:’ Study,” (Lindsey Tanner, SFGate)

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