D.C. Tax Reform Protested by Fitness Advocates

As of January 1, 2015, DC taxpayers will find themselves subjected to a new series of taxes as a result of revisions approved by the DC tax council. The change met with the most animosity is the recommendation of a 5.75 percent sales tax on gyms, tanning salons, and yoga studios.

“’It doesn’t really make a lot of sense,’ said David von Storch, who owns a chain of health clubs in the District. “D.C. shouldn’t be taxing residents who want to be living healthier lives.”

While legislators argue the new taxes will relieve some of the burden felt by DC taxpayers (cutting city taxes by about $165 million a year), the DC Council will be fought every step of the way. The Facebook Group “Say NO to DC Gym Tax” boasts increasing membership, urging constituents to sign a petition to reverse the commission. However, it seems the regular gym-goer will be faced with moderately higher rates for the time being.

Read more here- “Planned D.C. taxes on health clubs, high-end tobacco lead to several protests” (Mike DeBonis, The Washington Post)

Read more here- “Will Anti-Tax Yogis Sink Tax-Reform in D.C.?” (Citizens for Tax Justice)

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Olivia is a graduate of Villanova University where she studied Economics and History, minoring in Gender and Women's Studies. She also has experience working with federal legislatures on health care policy, women's issues, and Internet safety.


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