Cozy Chairs to Change Economy Air Travel

Thompson Aero Seating has presented a seating arrangement that will revolutionize economy air travel. The Cozy Suite is a proposed seating plan which will increase the amount of space available to airlines and comfort for each passenger. Rows of seats are arranged with staggered placement giving each passenger maximum privacy. The seats also retract back when passengers are standing, allowing easy movement in and out of rows. In addition the seats extend forward instead of reclining backwards, allowing travelers to lay out with out disturbing those around them.

While the Cozy Suite is impressive with respect to comfort, the problem of low supply of economy seats with high demand is not likely to be solved with the new proposed seats. As higher numbers of people are traveling at increased levels, the disproportionate supply to the high demand can only really be solved with bigger planes and more seats. Despite this the Cozy Suite is just one of many ideas to redesign the economy cabin, and at least one is likely to take off soon.


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