Consumers Lose $4B on Dryers not Updated Since 1970s

American consumers spend $9 billion annually to power dryers, including electric models, of which they could be saving $4 billion if they updated to a hybrid heat pump model popular Europe. Unlike other household appliances, power clothes dryers have missed out on developments that would improve their energy efficiency, leaving them about as efficient as they were in the 1970s.

“A typical electric dryer may now consume as much energy per year as the combined use of an efficient new refrigerator, clothes washer and dishwasher, reports the Natural Resources Defense Council.”

However, steps are being taken in the right direction. The Environmental Protection Agency reports allowing the use of Energy Star labels on dryers that use 20% less energy than the minimum efficiency standard. In addition, vented dryers, which make up the bulk of models sold on the US market, will have their efficiency standards boosted by 5% come January. In the meantime, Noah Horowitz, senior scientist at the National Resources Defense Council, recommends consumers use their current dryers on the low temperature setting and do consecutive loads to keep heat in the machine or simply resort to line-drying.

By adjusting current drying practices and adopting the new energy efficient dryer technologies as they come out, consumers can save a vast amount of money a year.

Read more here- “Report: Dryers Waste $4B a Year in Energy Costs,” (Wendy Koch, USA Today)

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Olivia is a graduate of Villanova University where she studied Economics and History, minoring in Gender and Women's Studies. She also has experience working with federal legislatures on health care policy, women's issues, and Internet safety.


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