Consumers’ Have More Confidence

Consumer confidence, a measure of how optimistic consumers feel about the economy, hit a six-year high for the month of June. According to an article on USA Today:

The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index rose to 85.2 from 83.5 in May. That’s the highest since January 2008. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expected a reading of 83.5.

This information is beneficial for consumers. The fact that average consumers feel more confident about the state of the US Economy, as well as their own personal finances, is beneficial. Consumers that have more confidence in the economy, are more likely to make purchases. This in turn leads to more money flowing through the economy, which helps the economy to continue to grow and prosper.

It is important to note that the figures above are from just one source of consumer sentiment, the Conference Board. Other organizations also provide consumer sentiment figures. However, as noted the figures from Conference Board appear to show that the economy is continuing to improve.

Read More- “Consumer confidence hits six-year high in June” (Paul Davidson, USA Today)

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A rising senior at Colgate University, John is currently working as a research fellow with Consumers' Research.


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