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ADP Releases May Job Data

The national payroll company ADP released their job data for the month of May. ADP reports an increase of 179,000 jobs in the private sector,

Housing Market Remains Stagnant

The Washington Post reporting on data from Freddie Mac points out that housing markets in only 10 states are considered stable as of March of

Does Tesla Want More Competitors?

Famous entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that he plans to make what he referred to as “fairly controversial” changes regarding the patents

A Newer Energy Efficient Light Bulb?

There is no denying that non-incandescent light bulbs are becoming more and more popular across America. With the government leading the charge, more and more

Bitcoin Gaining Legitimacy

The spread of Bitcoin has become more apparent in the past week. Beyond the breaking news that Apple will begin to accept Bitcoin in the

Can Diet Soda Help Your Weight Loss?

A new study carried out at the University of Colorado has found that those who drank diet soda while dieting lost more weight than those

California Drought Stirs Fracking Debate

In recent years, fracking, has gained a reputation in the media as one of the most divisive environmental issues to date. Short for hydraulic fracturing,

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