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Mobile Health Monitoring- A Growing Trend

Healthcare is becoming increasingly proactive with a number of consumers taking it upon themselves to monitor their own healthcare. This has been aided by the

The Return of Tesla in NJ?

In March of this year Executive Director of Consumers’ Research, Joseph Colangelo, wrote an op-ed published in the NJ Star Ledger (read it here) illustrating the

Paying by the Calorie- A New Soda Tax System

The relatively recent decision by New York City to place restrictions on the size of soft-drinks has brought the debate over government imposed actions designed

The One-Page Plan To Fix Climate Change

Click here to listen to an interesting Podcast on carbon emission reductions from NPR’s “Planet Money.” Consumers’ Research has recently written about this topic. Click here to

Consumers Pay More for Hospital Care

The New York Times is reporting that from the year 2011 to 2012 the overall cost of hospital charges increased across the country. This report

ADP Releases May Job Data

The national payroll company ADP released their job data for the month of May. ADP reports an increase of 179,000 jobs in the private sector,

Housing Market Remains Stagnant

The Washington Post reporting on data from Freddie Mac points out that housing markets in only 10 states are considered stable as of March of

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