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$100 Million for Energy Research

The Department of Energy announced yesterday that it has approved $100 million worth of funds to help sponsor research being done into creating new technologies

Senate Panel Pulls the Curtain on Dr. Oz

Associate Director of the Federal Trade Commission, Mary Koelbel Engle, asserted on Tuesday that the weight loss industry is an area in which consumers are

Amazon Unveils Smart Phone

In a long awaited announcement yesterday, Amazon publically unveiled its own proprietary cell phone—Amazon Fire. The Fire cell phone is a first for Amazon, which

Counterfeit Drugs Boost Superbug’s Resistance

A new reporting program developed by the World Health Organization attests to the growing global problem of counterfeit antibiotics. While previous studies have shown that

Are Shrimp Shells the Future of Plastic?

Researchers at Harvard University have discovered a novel new way to create plastic– shrimp shells. According to a report from CNN, researchers have been able

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