Coca Cola Set to Release Energy Drink

The Coca-Cola Company has announced plans to release its first energy drink, the aptly named “Coca-Cola Energy.”

A Coca-Cola spokesperson told TODAY Food that the energy drink will be made with “naturally-derived caffeine and guarana extract.” The seeds of the guarana fruit, which is native to the Amazon rainforest, have four times the amount of caffeine compared to coffee beans. Guarana extract is also rich in antioxidants.

Coca-Cola will sell a sugar-free version of the energy drink, named, with equal aptitude, “Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar.”

Coca-Cola has yet to announce a release date. The company is currently in arbitration with Monster Beverage Co. over a 2015 agreement in which Coke purchased a nearly 17 percent share of the energy drink maker. The agreement apparently said something about competing against each other in the energy drink market.

“We have submitted the difference in interpretation to an arbitration panel for resolution, which is the mechanism agreed [to] by the Coca-Cola Co and Monster in the original agreements,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson said.

Reactions on social media to Coke’s energy drink were mixed. One Twitter account simply noted that Coca-Cola’s original formula had a “different stimulant but same concept.”

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