Citizens Quarantined in New Jersey and New York

New Jersey health officials have allowed Nurse Kaci Hickox to return home for the rest of her mandatory 21-day quarantine. Hilcock has the hospital where she has been held since her return to the US from a volunteer trip to Sierra Leone. Nurse Hickox is one of the first people to be held as a result of the policy put in pace by Governor Christie of New Jersey. Governor Cuomo of New York has also put a quarantine in place. As a result of the New York policy a 5 year-old Bronx resident is being held at a New York Hospital after the child’s return from Guinea. The New York child is currently presenting a low-grade fever according to New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Travis and will remain in the hospital while undergoing testing for Ebola.

“He has … traveled to one of the three affected countries and has a fever, and that’s what triggers an assessment,” said Dr. Mary Travis.

According to Governor Cuomo, the mandatory quarantine policy was put in place Friday with the hopes of enhancing public safety. The New York policy requires that state residents who have had contact with people infected with the virus must remain in their homes for a 21-day period. During this time, health professionals will visit residents twice daily. Cuomo has announced that the state will provide financial assistance should residents in quarantine be in need of it.

Nurse Kaci Hickox has protested the quarantine, saying that the mandatory hold was and is a violation of her constitutional rights. Hickox plans to take her argument to court. Critics have also argued that the policies are detrimental to the efforts to recruit volunteers to combat Ebola in affected areas.


Read More – Nurse Quarantined in New Jersey To Go Home, Boy in New York Tested for Ebola (Reuters, Ellen Wulfhorst)

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