CES 2019: More than big TVs and smartphones

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Last week, thousands of manufacturers gathered in Las Vegas for the 2019 Consumers Electronic Show. Giant TVs, 5G cellphones, and high-tech car concepts typically draw the most attention at each year’s show, but the gadget extravaganza always displays a trove of other cool new gear, as well.

Here are a few items consumers shouldn’t miss out on.

Red Turtle Shells Not Included

Segway introduced one of the most eyebrow-raising products. Known for its single-axel “personal transporters,” Segway showed off a new attachment for its miniPRO model — the Ninebot Gokart Kit, which transforms the two-wheeled miniPRO into a four-wheel go-kart that wouldn’t look out of place in a Mario Kart game.

The kart kit, which uses the miniPro as an engine, can achieve a top speed of 15 miles-per-hour. While the Ninebot Gokart Kit has been available since mid-2018, Segway showed it off to the masses for the first time at this year’s CES.

Calling Dick Tracy

Parents weary of giving their kids full-blown smartphones might be interested in the Coolpad Dyno smartwatch. The Dyno connects to the parent’s smartphone, allowing parents to view their child’s location and communicate through the watch without giving the kid access to the whole internet. Additionally, while the Dyno features other standard smartwatch functions — an LED display, a pedometer, GPS tracking, etc. — it doesn’t allow third-party apps.

Parents who would like the device to do a little more can subscribe to a monthly plan, enabling the watch to call and text people on an approved contacts list.

A Scroll for Cyberpunks

Royole’s flexible QWERTY keyboard is perfect for people who like to use tech on-the-go. At first glance, the keyboard case could be mistaken for an oversized bottle of mascara. The unobtrusive case stows a fully functional Bluetooth keyboard printed on a clear, paper-thin sheet of plastic. The keyboard’s face is about the same size as a small tablet computer’s. Retracted, it slides into a silver tube that fits easily into a pocket.

Born to Be Wild…and Eco-Friendly?

Harley-Davidson finally announced it will accept preorders for its new electric-powered hog, the LiveWire. First revealed in 2014, the LiveWire electric motorcycle represents a dramatic departure from Harley’s tough-riding, devil-may-care image. Gone is the loud, explosive engine. The LiveWire runs quietly, while still being fast off the line, jumping from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. It travels about 110 miles on a full charge.

Harley has priced the LiveWire at $29,799 and expects deliveries to start next model year.

Everyone Talks About FightCamp

Rounding out this roundup with a roundhouse kick is FightCamp, an MMA-style home gym and workout program that takes fitness tracking to a whole new level. Costing nearly $1,000, the home gym includes a full-size, free-standing punching bag, a floor mat, hand wraps, gloves, and a set of FightCamp’s “punch trackers.” These coin-sized chips are inserted into the gloves and track the speed and strength of thrown punches. For $39 a month, aspiring fighters can access a subscription service through FightCamp’s app that includes dozens of workouts packed with jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. The price isn’t cheap, but FightCamp could prove a digital-age Mickey Goldmill.

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