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A Primer on Uber’s Passenger Ratings

Uber passengers have been able to rate their drivers for years, giving them influence on a driver’s eligibility to stay behind the wheel. Starting this


Lyft, Uber Aim to Expand Healthcare Services

Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are expanding their services into the healthcare industry, aiming to capture some of the $3 billion non-emergency medical transportation

Love Bug Squashed

The German auto-manufacturer announced last week that, after nearly 70 years of production, it will discontinue the Beetle. Due to declining sales, Volkswagen will roll

Lyft Wants to Plan Your Route

Lyft is rolling out a new app feature that will connect its ride-share customers to public transportation, continuing the company’s recent expansion of its transportation

How to Avoid Flood Damaged Vehicles

Flood damaged vehicles have been on the road for years. Consumers beware: these cars are considered dangerous to drive and can be resold to unsuspecting

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