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Bose to Release AR Sunglasses in January

Bose is accepting preorders for augmented reality (AR) audio sunglasses, which will begin shipping in January. The glasses, called Frames, do not overlay a digital

Weird Product Review: Meditation Headbands

A Canadian company recently released its second model of a brain-scanning headband meant to help consumers meditate. This fall, Interaxon released the Muse 2, a $250

Stop Mouth Breathing With This Product

Are you a mouth-breather? Would you prefer not to be? SomniFix has developed a product called Sleep Strips, adhesive strips placed over the mouth before

Sprout Pencils

Sprout World introduced plantable graphite pencils called Sprout Pencils. The eraser end of these pencils is tipped with non-GMO seed capsules. Once people turn this

FridgeCam May Make Your Kitchen Smarter

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association’s conference features innovative gadgets from fitness apps to smart scales. This year, British-based company Smarter unveiled the FridgeCam, a

Nintendo Reveals Super NES Classic

When the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic came out last year, gamers were ecstatic. Demand for this tiny piece of gaming nostalgia was high, but

Fidget Spinners: What’s the Big Deal?

Fidget spinners have made quite the impact since they became publicly available. While some teachers are up in arms about what they consider a major

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